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Create & Host Websites for Free with these Web Tools

Google Page Creator was an awesome tool for building websites but as they say, all good things come to an end, and so is Google Page Creator getting replaced by Google Sites.

Windows Live Search Tricks

Windows Live may be far behind Google and Yahoo! but there are some features in Live Search that aren’t just useful, you won’t find them in any of the other popular search engines.

Most Useful Google Talk Bots

You could do lot of interesting things like read blog manage calendars, translate text and more in Google Talk.

These are possible through 'bots' which are like virtual friends who are online 24×7 and will always respond with a smile to your questions or requests.

Read Wall Street Journal Online for Free

This easy trick will give you access to all articles published on The Wall Street Journal website including old archives.

iPhone 3G Tariff Plans in India from Vodafone

Vodafone India confirmed the launch date and tariff plans of iPhone 3G in India. You can buy iPhone on August 22 at a price that is comparable to some Dell Laptops.

Read Full Magazines for Free on your Desktop

This very simple trick will help you read full copies of popular magazines like PC World, Lonely Planet, Reader’s Digest, Playboy, etc. without paying any subscription charges.

Read Online Documents in Google Docs

"Send to Google Docs" is a free addon for Firefox that lets you read Microsoft Office documents and PDF files in Google Docs without having to download them on to the computer.

This is much similar to "Open as Google Document" feature of Gmail.

Translate Hindi Web Pages to English with Google

How to Embed RSS Feeds into Regular HTML Webpages

This simple tutorial illustrates how to embed RSS feeds from blogs and news websites into your HTML website using simple Javascript.

*If you are looking for a Flash solution, get one of these Flash based RSS widgets.

Learn How to Use Wikipedia More Effectively

Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia, needs no introduction. Here are some of the best tools, tips and tricks to help you use Wikipedia more effectively and productively.

Video Spin: A Better Video Editor Than Windows Movie Maker

Video Spin (based on Pinnacle Studio) is a free video editing software like Windows Movie that lets you make movies without any learning curve.

And once you are done editing the video, it can directly upload the clip to online video sharing sites  like Yahoo! Videos or YouTube. Another surprise - Video Spin can even output movies directly in Flash Video (flv) format.

Convert PDF to Flash Movies Online with PDFMeNot

Like Scibd and SlideShare, PDFMeNot is an online service that converts PDF documents into a Flash (SWF) movies while preserving the original layout, image graphics and other formatting.

A Guide to Free Web Clipping Tools - Save Anything on the Internet

With billions of web pages around, keeping track of information that you discover on the web is extremely tough.

So we look at free web clipping tools that help you save anything and everything from the internet to your hard drive.

Scribed iPaper - Embed Documents in Web Pages

Scribd, a perfect place for uploading Office documents and PDFs, has moved from Adobe Flash Paper to a new iPaper format that is definitely more impressive and also allows web publishers to monetize documents.

Add Text Captions to Your Images - Just like BBC or Wikipedia

Learn how to add text caption to images in your web pages similar to what you have seen on BBC or Wikipedia.

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